Expert Scouting Reports on What to Expect from Different Insurance Companies

How to Handle Auto Accident Insurance Claims

The starting point for any effort to get compensation for an auto accident is always an insurance claim. This begins by submitting a “claim” to the insurance company. The insurance company then gathers information about the accident and determines if their insured driver was at-fault. If their insured is at-fault, they will attempt to settle your claim. This goal of this site is to give you a comprehensive overview of the nuts and bolts of the auto accident insurance claim process.

Each insurance carrier has its own unique policies and methods so we offer expert scouting reports on what to expect from all of the major insurance carriers. We also provide helpful summaries of hundreds of settlements and verdicts in actual prior cases for each insurance company. Examining these prior results will help you accurately assess what your claim might be worth with a particularly insurer.

Insurance Company Scouting Reports

The largest auto insurer in Maryland. GEICO is notorious for lowball initial offers and you usually need to file suit to get a fair settlement.

progressive accident claims

Progressive ranks 6th in consumer auto insurance market share in Maryland. Progressive tends to write small policies and make even smaller offers.

Another major auto insurer in Maryland. State Farm takes more cases to trial than any other major insurer in Maryland. By fair offers are still possible.

A small regional insurance carrier that writes high limit policies and has 5th largest market share in Maryland.

Allstate is the 3rd largest auto insurer in Maryland. Allstate can be one of the most difficult companies to deal with on Maryland accident claims.

USAA is the 4th largest auto insurance carrier in Maryland. The tend to be very inconsistent with how they value accident claims in Maryland.