Liberty Mutual Auto Accident Claims

Accident Claims With Liberty Mutual

This page will look at how Liberty Mutual handles auto accident claims in Maryland and what you can expect when dealing with this insurer. Liberty Mutual Insurance is the 3rd biggest property and casualty insurance company in the U.S. From its corporate headquarters in Boston, MA, Liberty Mutual provides a broad range of insurance products from auto and homeowners to workers compensation and specialty liability.

Liberty Mutual has a relatively small share of the personal auto insurance market in Maryland. Liberty Mutual writes on 3% of the auto insurance policies in Maryland, which makes it 9th in total market share in the state. However, Liberty Mutual has been aggressively growing its auto insurance business over the last several years. This rapid growth will continue to make Liberty Mutual more and more relevant in Maryland auto accident cases moving forward.

Liberty Mutual is the 9th largest auto insurer in Maryland with a 3% market share

Scouting Report on Liberty Mutual Claims

Slow Processing

Liberty Mutual can be agonizingly slow in every phase of the claims handling process. From the very start of the process when you initially submit a claim, Liberty Mutual consistently takes much longer to respond and get the process moving compared to other major insurance carriers. This slow pace continues throughout every phase of the claim process. Many uncontested claims end up in litigation simply because Liberty took too long to make an offer.

Rarely Goes to Trial

Liberty Mutual rarely takes auto accident cases to trial. Liberty Mutual has separate in-house lawyers for claims litigation in the Baltimore area (Law Offices of Jonathan P. Stebenne) and the Washington area (Law Offices of Chris Costabile). The Baltimore area lawyers almost never take cases to trial.

Bails Out Before Trial

Don’t expect an immediate reaction out of Liberty Mutual after you file a lawsuit. Unlike many insurance companies, Liberty Mutual does not immediately increase its settlement offer when they get served with a complaint. This does NOT mean that Liberty Mutual is willing to go to trial. Rather, what usually happens is the case moves forward for a few months and then the Liberty Mutual adjuster makes a generous bailout settlement offer 2 or 3 months before the scheduled trial date.

Pragmatic Defendant

Liberty Mutual is definitely not a stubborn defendant in auto accident litigation. In fact, they are just the opposite. They want to avoid going to trial whenever possible (particularly in the Baltimore area). So instead of digging in their heels, Liberty Mutual is always looking for an early exit.

Liberty Mutual Settlements & Verdicts




2020 – Maryland

T-bone intersection collision. Plaintiff suffered head injuries including a concussion and head lacerations, and multiple sprains in the back, neck, leg and shoulder. Liberty Mutual initially offered $31k, but bailed out 2 months before trial with $100k policy limit offer.

$100,000 – Settlement

2019 – Idaho

Failure to yield on left-turn results in collision. Plaintiff suffers knee laceration and leg muscle strain with chronic pain. Liberty Mutual agrees to settle to avoid going to trial.

$54,000 – Settlement

2019 – Maryland

Plaintiff was rear-ended on highway exit ramp and claimed significant back and neck injuries with some permanent impairment. She pursued UIM claim against Liberty Mutual for excess damages. Liberty Mutual dispute the injuries but lost at trial.

$360,984 – Verdict

2018 – Connecticut

59-year-old male plaintiff claimed injuries to neck, back and hand as well as aggravation of pre-existing disc herniation injury resulting in 10% permanent impairment.

$202,000 – Verdict

2017 – Maryland

Liberty Mutual’s insured ran red light and broadsided plaintiff causing major neck and upper back injuries. Plaintiff was required to undergo spinal fusion surgery. Liberty Mutual eventually agreed to settle before suit was filed.

$175,000 – Settlement