Nationwide Auto Accident Claims

Nationwide Mutual Insurance Company (Nationwide), is one of the smaller personal auto insurance carriers in Maryland, with only a 6% market share. Nationwide used to have a much larger piece of the Maryland auto insurance business, but it has been losing ground over the last 10 years. Nationwide has been around since the 1920s and it is currently headquartered in Columbus, Ohio.

Scouting Report on Nationwide Accident Claims

Unpredictable Valuations

Of all the major auto insurance companies, Nationwide is often the most difficult to predict when it comes to valuing accident claims. Nationwide is highly erratic and inconsistent in how comes up with a reasonable settlement value in an accident claim. You could submit the exact same accident claim to Nationwide 3 times and get 3 drastically different offers.

Protective of Insureds

Nationwide is particularly cautious about protecting their insured drivers from verdicts that exceed their insurance policy limits. More so than other insurance companies, Nationwide will try to avoid any possibility of exposing their insured to personal liability and facing a bad faith claim for refusing to settle within policy limits.

Lawsuit Reactionary

Nationwide claims adjusters tend to be much more “lawsuit sensitive” than other companies. All insurance companies get more reasonable with their settlement offers after suit is filed, but Nationwide is one of the most reactionary. It is not unheard of for Nationwide adjusters to double or triple their settlement offer immediately after the lawsuit is filed.

Adjuster Autonomy

Nationwide claims adjusters seem to have a very high level of autonomy and decision making authority. Some insurance companies give their claims adjusters almost no indepdent decision making ability and just have them follow a script. Claims adjusters at Nationwide seem to have very extensive authority and the ability to independently value and settle claims.

Nationwide Settlements & Verdicts




2020 – California

Violent head-on collision with Nationwide insured. Plaintiff suffered broken vertabrae, and fractured ribs. He also suffered traumatic brain injury.

$4,875,000 – Settlement

2020 – South Carolina

Plaintiff suffered bruised lung, fractured hand, rib fractures, and sternum fracture and had to undergo multiple surgeries. He sought underinsured motorist damages from Nationwide.

$815,500 – Verdict

2019 – Virginia

Accident victim suffers heel, wrist and ankle fractures after being struck by defendant and running into a pole. She underwent numerous surgeries to repair her fractures and had orthopedic hardware installed.

$962,000 – Settlement

2018 – Washington

Plaintiff alleged piriformis syndrome and soft-tissue neck and back injuries. Nationwide disputed injuries and refused to settle so case went to trial.

$70,000 – Verdict

2013 – Maryland

Elderly plaintiff had pre-existing brain condition that was made considerably worse by head trauma in accident with Nationwide insured. Nationwide settled for policy limits shortly after suit was filed.

$100,000 – Settlement