Rules of the Road in Maryland

Traffic Laws & Accident Liability

Every aspect of driving a vehicle on the roadways in Maryland is governed by a very detailed collection of traffic laws. These laws act as a blueprint for the continuous safe flow of all traffic in the state. In theory, if every driver and pedestrian strictly followed these rules of the road at all times there would never be any accidents. When an accident does occur, it means that someone deviated from these rules. The person who violated the traffic rules is considered to be “at-fault” for the accident.

The traffic laws provide the legal framework for determining who is at-fault in every accident. Being able to access, understand, and properly apply the relevant traffic laws is therefore critically important in every auto accident case. Maryland’s traffic laws are codified in the Transportation Article of the Maryland Code – Title 21: Vehicle Laws – Rules of the Road.


Full text of Maryland’s traffic law statutes, with practice notes, comments, explanations and examples of how certain sections of the code have been applied in actual cases.