Subtitle 3: Road Lanes & Passing

MD Transportation Art. – Subtitle 3

Subtitle 3 sets forth some of the most basic principles of Maryland rules of the road. This subsection requires driving on the right side of the road and mandates that vehicles stay on the right side, within their defined lanes except when passing is permitted. Violations of these rules are often treated as negligence per se.

§ 21-301. Driving on right side of roadway; exceptions

§ 21-302. Passing vehicles going in opposite directions

§ 21-303. General rules governing overtaking and passing vehicles

§ 21-304. When passing on right is permitted

§ 21-305. Limitations on overtaking or driving to left

§ 21-306.

§ 21-307. No-passing zones

§ 21-308. One-way highways and roadways; rotary traffic islands

§ 21-309. Driving on laned roadways

§ 21-310. Following too closely

§ 21-311. Driving on divided highways

§ 21-312. Entering or leaving controlled access highways

§ 21-313. Restrictions on use of controlled access highways

§ 21-314. Use of High Occupancy Vehicle (HOV) lanes.