Subtitle 4: Right-of-Way


Right-of-way is one of the most frequently litigated issues in auto accident cases. 2 out of every 3 auto tort cases in which liability is contested involve some type of dispute over right-of-way.

§ 21-401. Vehicle at intersection

§ 21-401.1. “T” intersection without traffic control device

§ 21-402. Vehicle turning left or making U-turn

§ 21-403. Vehicle entering stop or yield intersection or through highway

§ 21-404. Vehicle entering highway from other than a highway

§ 21-404.1. Vehicle entering highway from crossover

§ 21-405. Operation of vehicles on approach of emergency vehicles or tow trucks.

§ 21-406. Violation of subtitle contributing to accident resulting in death or serious bodily injury prohibited.