Md. TRANSPORTATION Code Ann. § 21-502.1

§ 21-502.1. Pedestrian Safety Fund.

(a)  “Fund” defined. —  In this section, “Fund” means the Pedestrian Safety Fund.

(b)  Established. —  There is a Pedestrian Safety Fund.

(c)  Administration. —  The Secretary shall administer the Fund.

(d)  Status; accounting. —

(1)  The Fund is a special, nonlapsing fund which is not subject to § 7-302 of the State Finance and Procurement Article.

(2)  The State Treasurer shall hold the Fund separately, and the Comptroller shall account for the Fund.

(e)  Composition. —  The Fund consists of:

(1)  The fines collected under § 21-502(e) of this subtitle;

(2)  Money appropriated in the State budget for the Fund;

(3)  Any interest earnings of the Fund; and

(4)  Any other money from any source accepted for the benefit of the Fund.

(f)  Uses. —  The Fund may be used only for enhancing the safety and quality of pedestrian and bicycle transportation, including:

(1)  Developing and providing educational programming for bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians that raises awareness of their joint responsibility to follow the rules of the road;

(2)  Physical design changes that calm traffic, minimize conflicts among street users, and protect bicyclists, motorists, and pedestrians, including design changes such as:

(i)  Lane narrowing;

(ii)  Establishment of bicycle ways;

(iii)  Sidewalk construction;

(iv)  Pedestrian control signal upgrades;

(v)  Speed bumps;

(vi)  Curb extensions; and

(vii)  Safety zones; and

(3)  Increasing enforcement of existing rules of the road, such as by using radar speed display signs in areas where pedestrian crashes have occurred.

(g)  Investment. —

(1)  The Treasurer shall invest the money of the Fund in the same manner as other State money may be invested.

(2)  Any investment earnings of the Fund shall be credited to the Fund.



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