Md. TRANSPORTATION Code Ann. § 21-704

§ 21-704. Moving heavy equipment at railroad crossings

(a)  Application of section. —  Unless a person has complied with this section, he may not drive or move on or across any railroad grade crossing any power shovel, derrick, roller, crawler-type tractor, or other equipment or structure that has:

(1)  A normal operating speed of 10 miles per hour or less; or

(2)  A vertical body or load clearance, measured above the level surface of a roadway, of less than:

(i)  One-half inch for each foot of the distance between any two adjacent axles; or

(ii)  9 inches.

(b)  Notice of intended crossing. —  Before any person drives or moves any equipment described in subsection (a) of this section on or across any railroad grade crossing, the person shall:

(1)  Notify an agent of the railroad of his intention; and

(2)  Afford the railroad reasonable time to provide proper protection at the crossing.

(c)  Duty to stop, look, and listen. —  When the person approaches the crossing, he:

(1)  Shall stop within 50 feet but not less than 15 feet from the nearest rail in the crossing;

(2)  While stopped, shall listen and look in both directions along the track for any approaching or passing railroad train and for any signals indicating the approach or passage of a railroad train; and

(3)  May not proceed until he can do so safely.

(d)  Obedience to signals. —

(1)  The person may not proceed if a warning is given by an automatic signal, crossing gate, flagman, or otherwise of the immediate approach or passage of a railroad train.

(2)  If the railroad provides a flagman, the person may proceed over the crossing only at the direction of the flagman.



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