Md. TRANSPORTATION Code Ann. § 21-808

§ 21-808. Notice to cosigner of minor’s application of speeding violations

(a)  When notice to be issued. —  Upon receipt of notification from the District Court under § 1-605(d)(4) of the Courts Article that a citation was issued to a minor charging the minor with a moving violation as defined in § 11-136.1 of this article, the Administration promptly shall notify the cosigner of the minor’s driver’s license application that the citation was issued to the minor.

(b)  Requirements of notice. —  The notification required under subsection (a) of this section shall:

(1)  Be mailed by the Administration to the most recent address provided by the cosigner in accordance with § 16-107(b) of this article; and

(2)  Contain the following information:

(i)  The name, address, and date of birth of the minor charged with the violation;

(ii)  Identification of the moving violation charged;

(iii)  If the citation was issued for a speeding violation, the speed at which the minor is alleged to have driven and the maximum lawful speed at the location of the alleged violation;

(iv)  The amount of the fine specified in the citation; and

(v)  The number of points that may be assessed against the minor.

(c)  Admissibility of notice. —  Evidence of the receipt or lack of receipt of the notice required by this section is not admissible in any civil or criminal action against a cosigner.