Md. TRANSPORTATION Code Ann. § 21-806

§ 21-806. Special speed limitations for elevated structures

(a)  Inspection of bridge or other elevated structure. —  On request of any local authority, the State Highway Administration shall investigate and, on its own initiative, it may investigate any bridge or other elevated structure that is a part of a highway.

(b)  Determination of maximum safe speed on bridge or other elevated structure; posting. —  If it determines that the structure cannot safely withstand the weight of vehicles traveling at the maximum speed limit otherwise permitted by this subtitle, the State Highway Administration shall:

(1)  Establish the maximum speed limit that the structure can safely withstand; and

(2)  At each approach to the structure, place or permit the placement of a suitable sign stating the maximum speed limit.

(c)  Effectiveness of posted maximum speed limits. —  A maximum speed limit established under this section is effective when posted on appropriate signs giving notice of the limit.



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