How Much Compensation Can You Get for a Broken Arm?

Valuing Broken Arms in Maryland Accident Cases

Broken arms are not a very common injury in auto accidents. Bones in the legs, feet, ankles, and hands are much more likely to be fractured in an auto collision. However, arm fractures do occur, particularly in extremely high-impact accidents. Arm fracture injuries can be broken into 2 types of accident valuation purposes: (a) upper arm fractures; and (b) lower arm fractures.

Upper arm fractures involve the humerus bone. These are more serious but less common. Lower arm fractures can involve either the radius or ulna bones (or both). Lower arm breaks are much more common, but comparatively less severe than upper arm breaks.

Average Value of Arm Fractures

Broken Arm Settlements & Verdicts




2016 – Maryland

Plaintiff fell through an attic floor and suffered a proximal humerus fracture of the upper arm, multiple sprains in both her arms, and a back fracture. Surgery was not required and there was no permanent disability.

$389,616 – Verdict

2016 – Maryland

Rear end auto collision. Plaintiff suffered fractured ulnar (lower arm) with collateral ligament damage to the ligaments connecting upper and lower arm.

$40,000 – Verdict

2013 – Maryland

Plaintiff was passenger in car that lost control over speed bump and struck fence post. Plaintiff fractured her arm in two different places and the surgery to repair it left her with scarring on the arm.

$331,413 – Verdict

2012 – Maryland

Side impact collision at intersection. Plaintiff’s vehicle was slammed into concrete median barrier resulting in lower arm fracture along the proximal third of her ulna. Internal fixation surgery was required.

$25,000 – Verdict