How Much Compensation Can You Expect for Fractured Ribs in an Accident Case?

Valuing Fractured Rib Injuries in Accident Cases

This page will look at how much compensation you can expect to get for rib fractures in an accident case. Rib fractures are a very common injury in auto accidents. The ribs are most often fractured by seat-belt compression. Technically, a fractured rib occurs anytime there is an actual break or crack in one or more of the rib bones. The term “fractured rib” is also sometimes used to refer to a break in the cartilage which connects the ribs to sternum.

The average settlement value range for an accident case involving fractured ribs is between $15,000 and $100,000. A fractured rib is considered a Level II injury. Although rib fractures do not involve extensive treatment, they are exceedingly painful. A rib fracture will cause an individual to experience acute pain each time they take a breath of air.

Factors that Impact the Value of Rib Fracture Cases:

Severity of Injury
level of treatment
Maryland Case Venue

The average value range for a fractured rib case ($15,000 to $100,000) is very wide compared to other injuries. Where an individual case will fall within this range of values will depend of certain variables. There are several well known factors that have a significant impact on the probable settlement value of a case involving broken ribs.

The first and biggest factor that drives the value of fractured rib cases is the extent or severity of the injury. In the context of broken rib injuries, this primarily means how many ribs are fractured. 1 broken rib will obviously have a lower settlement value than a case involving 5 broken ribs.

The second factor impacting case value is the level of medical treatment. Most fractured ribs do not require any medical treatment at all, just rest. The lack of medical bills can cause insurance companies to undervalue rib fractures. However, if a rib fracture is combined with a related injury that does require extensive treatment (e.g., whiplash) the pain and suffering from the rib injury can boost the overall value of the case for settlement.

A final factor which drives the potential settlement value of fractured ribs is what Maryland judicial venue the accident case will be in. Some counties in Maryland (e.g., Baltimore City and Prince George’s County) tend to be VERY friendly towards accident victims. Insurance adjusters are well aware of this and will increase their settlement offers to avoid going to trial on claims in these pro-plaintiff jurisdictions.





2019 – Maryland

Intersection left-turn collision resulting in major knee injury as well as left and right rib fractures and a liver laceration.

$158,296 – Verdict

2017 – Maryland

Lane change collision. Plaintiff sustains rib fracture, right foot fracture, and avulsion tear in right ankle along with contusions and severe road rash with abrasion scars.

$75,000 – Settlement

2016 – Maryland

Elderly plaintiff suffers fractures in 9 ribs in addition to traumatic pneumothorax, a spleen laceration, and chest contusion.

$80,000 – Settlement

2016 – Maryland

Excessive force by police officer resulted in 4 fractured ribs, the loss of 2 teeth and head and face lacerations.

$100,000 – Settlement

2015 – Maryland

This case involve fracture or break in the rib cartilage and costochondritis over the 11th and 12th left ribs, as well as back injuries treated with physical therapy.

$24,526 – Verdict

2015 – Maryland

Truck strikes pedestrian causing fractured skull and multiple rib fractures on both sides. The head injury results in permanent neurologic impairment rating of 35%.

$529,000 – Verdict