Client Break Up Letter (Auto Tort Case)


This is a sample of a standard client “break up” letter for an auto tort personal injury case. This letter formally terminates the attorney-client relationship.

Sample Client Termination Letter

June 29, 2020


                        Re: Your auto incident on [DATE]

Dear [CLIENT]:

Please be advised that our office has made the difficult decision that we are no longer able to handle your case.   As of this date, our attorney-client relationship has ended. 

I encourage you to consult with another lawyer as soon as possible.   Please note that the statute of limitations in Maryland is three years.  You must file a lawsuit before the three year anniversary of the date of the accident to preserve your claim, or else your claim will be forever barred.  There are also potential time limits that may apply to your case that are as soon as 180 days from the date of your incident so we strongly encourage that you contact another lawyer soon to preserve any rights you may have.

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Warmest regards,

Laura G. Zois



When can an attorney break up with a client?

In Maryland, a lawyer is allowed to terminate (or “break up” with) a client whenever they have “good cause” for the termination. The break up can be done at anytime provided the client’s interests will not be damaged by the timing. This means that a lawyer cannot dump a client 2 days before the statute of limitations expires on their claim. The lawyer has to give the client “reasonable notice” of the termination.

Is it ever too late to break up with a client?

It may be too late to dump a client if the statute of limitations on their claim is only a week away and they won’t be able to get another lawyer in time. If you want to break up with a client you need to make sure that they will be able to find another lawyer and get their case filed before it becomes too late.