Maryland’s County Court Systems

The State of Maryland is divided into 23 Counties and the City of the Baltimore (which is just like another County). Each County forms its own separate judicial district within the state. Each County has its own Circuit Court and District Court which are administered by local judges.

The local court systems tend to be a reflection of the County’s population both demographically and politically. Judges are appointed from members of the local bar and jurors are drawn from registered voters in the County. As a result, the significant differences between Maryland’s Counties are very much evident in the local courts.

Maryland’s Best Plaintiff Venues:

When it comes to personal injury cases, there is stark contrast between judicial venues in Maryland. Certain counties are very friendly to plaintiff’s in accident cases, while others tend to be much more conservative. The best Maryland venues for plaintiffs in tort cases are Baltimore City and Prince George’s County. Juries in these jurisdictions consistently award big dollar verdicts to accident victims. This site provides a comprehensive guide to all of the major county jurisdictions in central Maryland. We provide an insider analysis of what to expect and recent jury verdicts from the county.


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