How Much Compensation Can You Get for Headaches in an Accident Case?

Valuing Headaches in an Accident Case

Mild concussions are a very common type of injury in auto accidents and headaches are generally the most noticeable symptom. So when we talk about the value of “headache injuries” in accident cases, we are really talking about the value of mild concussions resulting in headaches. Based on jury verdict data, the average settlement value of headaches in an accident case is somewhere around $10,000. This can increase significantly based on certain factors, including: (a) severity of headachs; (b) age of plaintiff; and (c) credibility of plaintiff.

Headache Injury Case Statistics

Factors Impacting the Value of Headache Cases:

I.  Severity

II.  Associated Head Trauma

III. Plaintiff Credibility

IV.  Venue 

The potential settlement value of headaches in an accident case is driven by 3 primary factors. The first factor is the severity of the headaches. Severe headaches lasting for weeks or months will have a higher settlement value. A second factor which drives value in these cases is whether the headaches can be linked to some significant head trauma. If the plaintiff suffers a major concussion or physical injury to the head it will help substantiate the headaches and increase their settlement value. The third and often most important factor in headache cases is the credibility of the plaintiff. Headaches are highly subjective, so if the plaintiff is credible and believable it goes a long way towards bolstering the value of their case. The fourth influencing factor is what venue or Maryland jurisdiction the case is in.

Headache Settlements and Verdicts




2015 – Maryland

Vehicle passenger claims post-trauma headaches after suffering concussion with loss of consciousness and cervical strains.

$16,066 – Verdict

2015 – Maryland

Rear-end collision. Plaintiff claims chronic headaches resulting from soft-tissue injuries to her neck and back.

$32,284 – Verdict

2014 – Maryland

Defendant runs a red light resulting in T-bone collision. Plaintiff claims severe headaches that are linked to brain trauma from accident. Plaintiff also suffers herniated disc.

$262,000 – Verdict

2014 – Maryland

Rear-end accident. Plaintiff claims cervicogenic headaches resulting from cervical facet syndrome along with back and shoulder injuries.

$53,319 – Verdict

2014 – Maryland

Intersection collision. 78-year-old is diagnosed with post-concussive syndrome and claims debilitating headaches and light sensitivity.

$61,628 – Verdict