Settlement Value of Ruptured Spleen in Auto Accident Case

How Much Compensation Can You Get for a Ruptured Spleen Injury?

Valuing a Ruptured Spleen

This page will look at average settlement value of ruptured spleen injury in an auto accident case. The spleen is a small organ that sits under the left side of your rib cage. The spleen acts as a filter for your blood and releases white blood cells that help fight infection. A ruptured spleen occurs when the outer casing of the spleen is torn or punctured.

The spleen is delicate compared to other internal organs in the body and direct external force can cause the outer casing to rupture. Once ruptured, the spleen and its outer casing will not heal on its own and is very difficult to surgically repair.

A ruptured spleen is a common internal injury in an auto accident. There is a simple, somewhat obvious reason for this. A car accident frequently results in blunt force to your abdomen and the seatbelt crosses directly above the left abdomen where the spleen is. If the car accident generates enough direct force on the abdomen it can easily rupture the spleen.

The location of the spleen makes it vulnerable in an vehicle collision

If your spleen was ruptured in a car accident and had to be surgically repaired or removed in a splenectomy you might be wondering how much compensation you might get in a lawsuit.

A ruptured spleen tends to be a high-value injury for several reasons. First, once the spleen is ruptured the organ is usually lost forever. In most cases, the only treatment option for a ruptured spleen is the removal of the organ so a ruptured spleen is a permanent injury. Second, a ruptured spleen can be very painful and if surgically removed it can result in prolonged discomfort and recovery. Finally, a ruptured spleen usually results in surgery and very high medical bills.

Although every case is different, most accident cases involving a ruptured spleen resulting in the removal of the organ will likely be worth at least $100,000. Some ruptured spleen cases involving big truck companies can be worth $400,000-500,000. The average value range for ruptured spleen injury cases is $150,000 to $200,000. Where an individual case falls in this value range often depends on how much insurance coverage is available.  




2018 – Maryland

Minor plaintiff was passenger and suffered broken arm and ruptured spleen side impact accident. Settled for available policy limits of $100,000, but this case could have had a much higher value.

$100,000 – Settlement

2016 – Texas

3 year old girl was run over in a parking by a Safelite auto glass repair truck. Girl suffered broken hip and ruptured spleen. Spleen had to be removed. Defendant was large corporation so value not limited by insurance limits.

$645,000 – Settlement

2016 – Maryland

Plaintiff was rear-ended by flatbed delivery truck and crushed into a concrete barrier wall. Ruptured spleen was only major injury.

$175,000 – Settlement

2014 – New Jersey

Minor plaintiff ruptured spleen, fractured ribs, and lost tooth when vehicle slammed into tree. Spleen was surgically repaired and did not have to be removed.

$375,000 – Settlement