What is the Average Compensation Payout for Ankle & Foot Injuries?

Valuing Foot & Ankle Injuries in Accident Cases

Foot and ankle injuries are very common in auto accidents. The foot and ankle are often in a very vulnerable position during an impact. Injuries to the foot or ankle in a car accident cover a very wide range of severity from minors sprains to complex fractures. This results in an equally wide range of foot injury compensation payouts.

Injury TypeMedian VerdictAverage Verdict
Foot $95,000$710,000

foot injury compensation payouts

Factors that Impact the Value of Foot & Ankle: Injury Cases

I.    Injury Type

II.   Permanency

III.  Treating Doctor Testifies

IV.   Case Venue

There are certain key factors that have the biggest impact on the value of foot & ankle injury settlement amounts in Maryland. The first factor is the injury type. Foot injuries are typically worth more than ankle injuries. Also, the severity of the injury will play a big role in determining value. A minor ankle sprain will be worth much less than a complex foot fracture. The second major factor is whether the injury has any permanent impact on the victim’s life, such as decreased mobility or a limp. Foot & ankle injuries can often result in partial disability ratings.

A third factor is whether the plaintiff’s treating doctor will testify. Treating doctors make much better witnesses than hired experts and testimony from the ankle surgeon who treated the plaintiff can easily double the value of the case.  The final enormous factor in ankle injury cases is where the case would go to trial.  In Maryland, the best settlements and verdict you will see in ankle injury cases has been in Baltimore City and Prince George‚Äôs County.

Ankle & Foot Injury Settlements & Verdicts




2018 – Maryland

Pedestrian accident at crosswalk. Plaintiff suffered comminuted fracture of the distal tibial in the left ankle. Injury did not require surgery and left no permanent impairment.

$15,000 – Settlement

2017 – Maryland

Auto accident. Plaintiff suffered tendon and ligament injury in his left ankle and claimed that the injury caused weight-bearing issues, tendon inflammation, and significant pain.

$25,000 – Verdict

2015 – Maryland

Plaintiff was bus passenger who was injured when a bus stopped suddenly, throwing him to the ground. Plaintiff fractured both ankles and broke multiple bones in the ankle joint, causing long-term impairment.

$123,396 – Verdict

2014 – Maryland

Premises liability case in which Plaintiff fell in a hole at a shopping mall. Plaintiff sustained a fractured ankle (with fractures in multiple places) with tendon damage, but no permanent impairment.

$11,000 – Verdict