How Much are Shoulder Injuries Worth in Accident Cases?

Valuing Shoulder Injuries in Accident Cases

This page will look at shoulder injury compensation payouts. Injuries to the shoulder are a very common type of trauma in auto accidents. In the impact of an accident the shoulder get thrust forward with a significant amount of force. Shoulder injuries in auto accidents generally fall into one of three categories: (i) torn rotator cuffs; (ii) shoulder fractures; or (iii) sprains, tear or other soft tissue injuries.

Shoulder fractures tend to have the highest value in accident cases, with an average compensation payout of just over $90,000. The average payout for a torn rotator cuff is around $70,000. Rotator cuff injuries are the most common type of injury to the shoulder in an accident. Other types of shoulder injuries include shoulder sprains and ligament tears. The average compensation awards for these injuries is lower and can vary significantly depending on the type of damage.

Shoulder Injury Compensation Payouts

Factors that Impact the Value of Shoulder Injury Cases:

Severity of Injury
Age of the Plaintiff
Medical history of plaintiff
Maryland venue of accident case

There are 4 specific variables that drive the value of shoulder injury settlement payouts. The first and most significant factor is the type and severity of the shoulder injury. More serious injuries like fractures and rotator cuff tears will have a higher value compared to sprains and soft-tissue shoulder damage. The extent or severity of the fracture or ligament tear will also drive the value up or down.

The second factor is the age of the plaintiff. A shoulder injury in a younger plaintiff will have a higher value compared to an older plaintiff. This is partly because young people are less likely to have preexisting conditions. The third factor is whether the plaintiff has a history of shoulder problems or a prior shoulder injury.

The final factor driving the settlement value of shoulder injuries is what Maryland jurisdiction the case is in. Certain counties in Maryland (such as Baltimore City, and Prince George’s County) are much more plaintiff-friendly. The fear of going to trial in these venues prompts claims adjusters to make higher offers.

How Much is Your Shoulder Injury Case Worth?

The most effective way to calculate what an individual shoulder injury case might be worth is by looking at prior shoulder injury cases. Listed below are summaries of settlements and verdicts in prior shoulder injury cases. Look for cases with comparable value factors and similar types of shoulder injuries. The compensation payouts in similar shoulder injury cases should give you a good idea on how much your shoulder case could be worth.





2020 – Maryland

Rear end accident. Middle-aged, female plaintiff suffered subacromial impingement syndrome and rotator cuff tendinitis in her left shoulder. Treatment was limited to physical therapy, no surgery.

$11,254 – Verdict

2019 – Maryland

Rear end accident. Middle-aged, female plaintiff suffered torn rotator cuff injury which required arthroscopic surgery and left permanent impairment. She also suffered knee injury.

$50,000 – Verdict

2019 – Maryland

Plaintiff is struck by a car while riding his motorcycle. He suffers a torn rotator cuff, subacromial depression, and torn biceps tendon. Arthroscopic surgery is required. Initial settlement offer of $98,000 is rejected, but case settles after lawsuit is filed.

$220,000 – Settlement

2019 – Maryland

Female plaintiff in her 30s was a pedestrian struck while crossing the street. She suffered torn left rotator cuff and bicep tendons and claimed that the injury aggravated a preexisting anxiety disorder.

$80,000 – Verdict

2019 – Maryland

Mid-50s, female plaintiff was rear-ended at very low speed, resulting in torn tendons in her shoulder. Plaintiff had prior medical issues with the shoulder including degenerative rotator cuff disease.

$4,066 – Verdict

2018 – Maryland

Plaintiff, middle-aged male, suffered bilateral shoulder sprains with ligament tears in rear-end accident. Treatment was limited to therapy.

$10,704 – Verdict

2018 – Maryland

Left turn collision. Plaintiff (early 30s) suffered rotator cuff tear in his left shoulder that resulted in permanent impairment.

$78,316 – Verdict

FAQs – Shoulder Injury Payouts

What is the Average Shoulder Injury Compensation Payout?

The average compensation payout for shoulder injury cases is around $90,000. This includes verdicts and settlements for all types of shoulder injuries. The median payout for shoulder injury cases is less than half this amount.

What Impacts the Compensation Payout in Maryland Shoulder Injury Cases?

There are 4 factors which have the most impact on the value of shoulder injury cases: (1) the type and severity of the shoulder injury; (2) whether the plaintiff is young or older; (3) whether the plaintiff had any prior medical issues with the shoulder; and (4) what Maryland jurisdiction (county) the case is in. Of these factors the most significant is always the severity and type of the shoulder injury.