A comprehensive guide to auto accident law in Maryland

Maryland traffic laws are set forth in the Transportation Article of the Maryland Annotated Code. The traffic laws are critically important in all accident cases because the application of these laws is used to determine which driver was “at-fault” in the accident. In this section we provide the full text of Maryland’s traffic law statutes. For each section we also provide practice notes, case law, and examples of how the law has applied in some of our prior cases.

Tort law is the law of negligence that is used to determine civil liability in a car accident. When a driver causes a car accident, they have committed the tort of negligence. Anyone injured in the car accident can sue the negligent driver and collect financial compensation for those injuries. The determination of negligence or fault in a car accident case in Maryland is generally based on the application of the traffic laws.

A complete reference guide to Maryland’s statute of limitations deadline in auto accident cases. In Maryland, auto accident claims must be filed within 3-years of the date of the accident. However, there are significant exceptions to this deadline if the driver is a minor (under 18) or if the case involves a wrongful death claim. There are also special notice, more restrictive notice deadlines that apply when the defendant is a government agency.


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