Maryland Accident Law Center

Maryland Accident Law Center is designed and published by some of Maryland’s leading tort lawyers. The goal of this site is to provide accident victims and attorneys with access to the information and resources necessary to go up against big insurance companies and fight for fair compensation.

A comprehensive guide to Maryland auto accident law. Learn about traffic laws and regulations as well as how liability for accidents is determined under Maryland’s tort law system.

Access our expansive collection of sample legal forms and documents that our lawyers frequently use in auto accident cases from claim submission to litigation and trial.

How much is your case worth? Find out the potential settlement value of your auto accident case by looking actual results in prior cases involving similar injuries and fact circumstances.

Maryland has 23 Counties (including Baltimore City), each of which comprises its own judicial district. Learn which counties are best venues for accident cases and get inside guidance on each jurisdiction.

An overview of Maryland auto insurance law and practices. This section will provide expert guidance on the auto insurance claim process, including what to expect from specific insurance companies.

An overview of the unique aspects of different types of accident cases including big truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrians, drunk driving and public transportation.

More About the Resources Available on Maryland Accident Law Center

Maryland Traffic Law Statutes with Practice Notes

Maryland Accident Law Center provides access to Maryland’s Rules of the Road statutes which are set forth in Chapter 21 of the Transportation Article of the Maryland Code. The Maryland Traffic Law section of this site provides a Chapter by Chapter breakdown of Maryland traffic law statutes. For each section of the Traffic Law statutes we provide the full, updated text of the statute itself. For each statute section we also provide simplified, user friendly case law annotations followed by practice notes for accident lawyers. Our practice notes are written by actual Maryland lawyers based on years of experience handling auto tort cases. Find out how certain sections of the traffic code have been applied in past cases.

Average Compensation Payouts in Accident Cases

The goal of any accident case is to get money. The Case Values section of this website provides a comprehensive database of hundreds of actual settlements and jury verdicts in prior accident cases. Use these resources to find out what the average settlement payout is for your type of accident case.

Insurance Company Scouting Reports

The first step in any accident case is submitting a claim to the at-fault driver’s insurance company. Each insurance company has its own specific claims handling process with unique rules, procedures and policies. The various insurance carriers also have different strategies for getting claims settled and when to litigate. Understanding an insurance company’s claims process and knowing what to expect from them can be a huge advantage. This site provides expert scouting reports for all of the major auto insurance carriers in Maryland. Find out exactly what you can expect on a claim with GEICO, State Farm, Allstate, and other major insurers.

Litigating Auto Accident Cases in Maryland

Our Maryland accident attorneys provide expert practice tips and strategies for how to effectively litigate auto tort cases in Maryland – from complaint to jury trial.